Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Birmingham Library - Photos From Roof Garden

Ok, it has taken me along time to get downtown and see this amazing new library in the centre of Birmingham; however I finally got there yesterday. Wow! The building itself is neat enough but the inside space is enough to m,ake me want to go back and spend a day browsing. I love books. They also have various features to make it worth spending a littlte time there. Poetry workshops - and others of course, cafe, shop and wonderful views either from the roof garden or from the top floor viewing room.

I am sharing here a couple of photos taken from the roof garden. The day was bright but windy and cloudy. Good enough for a few shots however. Just to be different, I have taken screen-shots from Google Earth showing the direction of the shots for those who are not too familiar with the rapidly changing skyline of the centre of Birmingham.

Not much in the way of sky here as The sun was almost in my face. The amazing thing is the reflection in the building.

Secondly a view across The Hall Of Memory (War Memorial), the domed structure and down Navigation Street. A little brighter this time as the sun (or what there was of it as it was starting to rain) was well to my RHS.

And the explanatory screen shot from Google Earth

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