Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Green Man - Folk Tales

Not long ago we visited Abbey Gardens in Malmesbury, There were a number of ornaments which I found interesting and as I am not making a great deal of use of my camera in these rain soaked and wintry days I thought they would be worth posting.

They are of course images of the so-called green man, a forest spirit, etc. Read more about him and his legendary exploits on Wikipedia. I just found them very photogenic.

I also took a shot of this hooded monk at the same location:

Another character full of life, sitting in a quiet corner of the garden. In fact, I was so taken with the image of the quiet, brooding character that I used the image to bring to life for me one of the characters in my novel.

Yes as well as a painter, artist, photographer, songwriter and poet; I have now added novelist to my list of accomplishments. Or at least I hope to, it is my first attempt at writing a novel and I am in the process of designing the plot / characters / locations / etc. To get to know the characters and locations, I am writing descriptions and bio's for each of them. This sculpture is representing my hero's protaganist. I must admit that this new project is taking most of my attention at the moment, however I am sure that equilibrium will be reached as the weather improves and I can get out with my camera again.

I hope that doesn't infer that I am a fair weather photographer, but I do prefer the dry!

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