Monday, 11 October 2010

Real statues in Ronda

As a comparison to the photos in the last post I have included here some photos of statues that we saw in Ronda, a town in the mountains above the Costa del Sol. Two of them were outside the bull ring and the third was in a nearby park, I will leave it to your imagination to decide which one was in the park. I did not make a note of the names of the people concerned but will be trying to find them via the web - I will add them here if I am successful.
matador with cape
 matador addressing bull

Are these photos art? The subject is art? I was intrigued seeing a question on the web recently aboout this very subject and am currently writing an answer to the question in a Squidoo Lens. I will give the link as soon as it is complete and published.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Living Statues in Fengirola

Just back from a holiday on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. The street entertainment over there includes people drssing up as statues and collecting small change for performing  ( or not as the case may be). these are three we saw at a market in Fengirola, not far from Malaga.

the invisble man
 space pirate
 mother Teresa (as a young nun?)

they will stand ( or sit) still to give the impression that it is a statue But will move every once in a while to delight ( frighten) the kids. Especially if someone makes a donation. For instance we dropped a couple of euros in the pirates box and he proceeded very mechanically and stiffly to produce a bent coin ( piece of eight?) from his belt in exchange.

Have seen them in the UK but they seem to be very prelavent in Europe.

More piccies of the hol to come