Monday, 3 March 2014

The Floozie In The Jacuzzi

Anybody living in Birmingham will know what this title represents.

Some years ago Victoria Square in the centre of Birmingham was redeveloped, A large water feature / fountain was included and a modern statue (included when the Square was redsigned in 1993) by Mistry. A monumental female figure representing the life force,, was positioned in the fountain. She became known as the floozie in the jacuzzi.

I passed this on my way to the new central library (see my last post) and couldn't resist that as my photo of the day.

I hope this is a suitably selected angle for the site. BTW the square was re-opened by Princess Diana after the rebuild.

On my way back to the railway station, I took this hurried shot of St Phillips Cathedral behind a tree.

As you can see the day was very bright at this time and the clouds had passed. C'est La Vie. I could have done with that weather on the library roof.

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