Thursday, 31 October 2013

More Photos Taken From Around The Hotel

I guess like a lot of people with digital cameras and large memory cards, I take countless (?) uninteresting photographs with no real value. However sometimes seeing them back at home can provoke the occasional memory of a place or of an incident. All of these images come into that category, some of the memories may be personal or some are after all of a little more general interest.

The hotel we stayed in, see photos in my last post, was The Princessa Yaiza in Lanzarote. More than we can really afford but holidays are supposed to be special!

Let me show a few of these memorable images anad maybe try to explain their significance to us. BTW all photos are taken wwith ambient light, no flash was used.

This is the reception area. Your taxi arrives at the hotel and you are beset by porters who take your bags and guide you through this massively high reception area with hanging vines around the top balconies. Oh and don't forget the champagne as you are seated at the reception desk.

We have been back to this hotel a couple of times and generally go after the high season - fewer kiddies! I don't know if this is the reason but we have generally paid for a room and have been provided with uprated accommodation, usually a (junior) suite. The size and facilities in these rooms are fantastic, the bathroom for instance has "his and hers" washing facilities. There are also two showers; one walk in and one over a bath. BTW, for some reason they see fit to put one of the several phones in to the toilet, see through the open door in the bathroom.

Difficult to show the size of the rooms but this is a shot of the bedroom, a second TV at the bottom of the masive king-size bed. The window opens out on to the incredibly airy corridors mentioned in the last post. Maybe I will include a few images in a later post.

And whilst in the bedroom, this is the scene after the beds have been turned down in the evening. The roooms are cleaned daily and the beds made but every evening the maids return to turn dowwn the corner of the sheets and leave a truffle and a note wishing a good nights sleep. Sometimes, maybe if they have time (?) they also sculpt the nightclothes into these fantsatic shapes. Maybe not necessary but it is indicative of the personal service which makes you feel so very important as a guest in this hotel.

Well there you have a few phots which remind us how marvellous the hotel is and how much we enjoy beinig made to feel special. I have lots more photos but may be persuaded not to post many more, you can try.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Holiday snaps; well, photos taken on holiday

The hotel that we stayed in had several amazing and unique features which of course I captured on film (in a manner of speaking). I thought a couple of these would be interesting to share:-

This colourful scene was captured in the reception area. It is a very large, very high part of the building with a colourful dome in the roof. The dome is made of glass of different colours and at a certain time of day this amazing star within the glass could be seen traversing the floor and anything in its path.

The hotels corridors were designed to seem to be a road. These windows are actually along one of these corridors. Difficult to see from the photo (poor compostion!!) but the left hand windows are a few feet in front of those on the right. The lamp is fixed on a wall at right angles to the woodwork. There is of course another window and balcony overlooking the pool with a sea view from most rooms.

Another part of the hotel, which we called "the jungle" trees with a height equivalent to three stories, rivers and walkways - an incredible area. This statue is one of several in the jungle.

A small pool withing the jungles recirculating water system, complete with a small fountain. The system is fed from a massive array of jets underneath a bridge joining the reception and shopping areas to the restaurant areas, must be seen to be believed.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Night Shots On Holiday

I know that I need to work on my technique for this type of shot but I thought I would share these anyway. They looked great on the small (2-3inch) screen on my camera bu obviously I need to steady myself against some immovable object for this type of photography.

I did used to do this with my last camera but this new toy has anti-shake and I though it would perform better than it has. So the next time I take anything like this, I will be more careful.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the hotel pool at night:-

One of these is actually taken from the near the hotels back entrance, which opens directly onto the beach - can you tell which one it is, LOL.

I am going to loook carefully at this type of photo which I have taken with my old camera and see if they were any better, I really am sure that they were - watch this space!