Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Blue Lilies - Photograph

I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted, I have not been taking many photos since I have spent a lot of my spare time rehearsing with my new ukulele. I have joined a club/group which is giving concerts in the local area and I need to get my act sorted (pun intended). Read more on my music blog, Guitar Bashin'

Anyway, with the advent of the warmer weather I have been inspired to get out into the garden and take a few walks to exercise my new knee-joint. This particular shot of a bunch of blue lillies, was a gift to my wife from our sons step daughter.

It is not a colour we had seen before, and were really taken with them. I just had to capture them for posterity. A later search on Google produced lots of plants called "blue lilies" but none looked quite the same as this bunch until I found this site.

They were all in bud when they arrived but are now opening and hopefully I might get an even better shot in a couple of days time. I shall watch them carefully.

Lovely colour in these blooms, the red marks on the leaves are of course pollen deposited on the petals prior to being fully open.

A different bloom showing a better positioning of the stamens.

Anyway, I have found my camera again and hopefully will be posting more shots in the near future.