Sunday, 12 October 2014

Abstract Photographs Using Oil & Water Mix

I am not sure if I have posted about these images previously, but a search has not given any positive results so I am posting about them again. And why not?

By using a shallow dish and coloured paper on top of a sheet of glass; positioning this so that it can be lit from the bottom we have a basic (very basic) way of creating some great abstract shots. With this set-up in place pour a thin layer of water into the dish, and then dribble a little oil - vegetable oil is fine into the water. Stir to create bubbles of oil. Simples!

All you need to do then is to switch on the bottom light for illumination, and take a photograph or two. I apologise but cannot remember where my son found this technique described.

Here are two of the shots from a series which I took using this technique.

I think they have possibilities, but even more variation can of course be aquired by using post-processing in Photoshop. Here is one edited shot which increased the range of colours.

The technique is so easy and really great fun - if you are into abstract images.


Here is a shot taken on a visit to Whitenge Gardens, a faux stoneage folly I guess you could call it. A modern way to add a little interest into a large park or garden. I show it here because one of our favourite destinations are the many wonderful neolothic (stoneage) sites from around the country a number of which are featured in prvious posts on this blog.