Monday, 16 July 2012

A short holiday in Glastonbury

Just back from a very short break in and around Glastonbury - no festival this year but a lovely place to relax and recuperate.

For my first photo, a shot of one of the yards or alleys off the high street. A number of shops on the left of this image.

My second is a statue of a godess and her hound in the courtyard of the Glastonbury experience.

Both quite standard shots but interesting. My new camera has a 10X zoom and I have been trying this out. This next photo shows a stone carving above the side door of St John The Baptist Church on the high street. We approached the street along a pedestrian alley from where we had parked the car and over the fence was the church. But some distance away. I took some photos of course but set up the camera by holding it on the fence to take some shots with the zoom. Here is one example:-

Not a bad shot, tho' I say so myself. Could probably do with having the contrast improved however.

We also visited a nearby NT property with a garden designed with many small rooms, Lytes-Cary Manor. The rest of the photos were taken in the garden. The first two using the macro function and the last used the zoom again.

All the above images were heavily cropped before being resized for this post. More holiday shots next time.

The case of the disappearing wheelbarrow

Just a quick post, I was getting a few photographs ready for posting and realised that I had an intruder in one of the shots, a wheelbarrow.

Not being able to go back and take another photo, I decided to doctor it in PS. I think I have done a good job, what do you think?

The dish is called Galadriel's Mirror and is in a garden that we visited recently. More info and shots in the next post. But for now .... now you see it, and now you don't. I am learning to use this great editing tool.

BTW for those interested I simply used the CLONE STAMP tool - carefully!