Sunday, 18 September 2011

Putting my "fun" photos to work

As you will have seen in my last post, I have a Zazzle store ( a print-on-demand site) which I had started to use to try and sell my art work. In fact there are at present three stores, which are catering for different ranges of products.

But I thought, "hang on! Why don't I use some of the many photographs to create products and put these onto products." So I have been doing just that. Sure, I take photos for fun, but there is no reason I can think of not to use these to try and make a quick buck. So why not. Here are a couple of examples:-
Standing Stones print
Standing Stones by ArtyfaxProducts
See other Standing Posters
This is a printed canvas, which would look good on any wall

have a big hug card
have a big hug by ArtyfaxCards
A greeting card which you can personalise
or make one of your own on zazzle

Fruity shirt
Fruity by artyfax
Join's clothing affiliate program
Lots of styles and colours that you can select with this image.

Ok that's enough advertising for now but I can't promise not to  mention Zazzle again especially if it starts to become profitable. You can read about my early experiences on Zazzle on my Squidoo web page (lens), My First Steps With Zazzle. I also have a new blog which is devoted to this new hobby, making money, LOL.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

In the walled garden, Coughton Court

Missed posting these images of statues when I took them, a little while ago now. I was taking photos of statues and there were a couple of bronze ( I think?) examples in the walled garden at Coughton Court, Alcester, Warwickshire. So just to keep up a record of statues, I am photogrphing here they are: Unfortunately, I have no information about the statues and their history (if any)
I also saw this "window" in the hedges with a view of the main tower of the house, I rather liked the shot, although this is a heavily cropped images.
In fact I liked this so much that I started playing around with it in Photoplus, there are of course many software pakages which will do this, and this is my completed effort. In a few words, I selected the tower and copied it to another window whilst I toyed with adding BLUR ( zoom blur on my software) to the original. I then pasted the tower back over the top of the image. As I had extracted it from the image in the first place it left the blur effects showing on the greenery.
This is a modification that I have showed before. I tried to explain the process on my Squidoo page, Photomanipulation Of Digital Photographs Using layers . I actually used this previous image on one of my ZAzzle products: All good fun!!