Saturday, 9 April 2011

alternative images

This is a quick post to try and explain extraction and layers to alter an original photo, which can be seen on this lens on Squidoo.

The original photo spoilt for me by the leaves on the left

A very rough and ready extraction to clear the background

The original is blurred and the extracted image is overlaid to create a new image.

The photomanipulation was done in Photoplus, free version. It was a very rough and ready extraction to show the idea behind the final image, it is not a problem with the software.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A pot-pourri of images

I seem to still be having problems with getting posts up, but I do have an excuse, I have just had a knee replcement op so have not been taking pictures - except of my scars and I don't think that would interest you. Anyway, do you love tombstone statuary. Here is an angel I shot recently but can't remember where. In fact I am wondering wether it is my shot at all or wether I found it and have saved it for  my art work. But I do love it, so I am including it as an example of this gendre:

The next is a flower photo, a day lily  -sorry I don't know the latin name without looking it up. We visited a number of gardens in Birmingham, Selly Park and they alll had wonderful day lilies out in glorious colours. This is one of them.

the last is on the same trip, in this garden the owner had made a point of installing as points of interest groups of items and hanging things ( paste jewellry and similar glittery stuff) from the trees My wife really loved the idea and I can see next year ...........................well, if it works I will be back with more photos

Don't foget my Squidoo Lens, Is all photography art. I would love to see some more comments which add value to the discussion in the guest book Thanks for getting this far, and hopefully appreciating my photos.