Saturday, 26 January 2013

More Photoshop Fun

Following on from the last post, I was still playing around with the same image in Photoshop and using various filters just to see what I could achieve. I really must make a note of what I am doing so that when something works, something turns up which I like, I can do it again. I could even let you know what I did. But unforrtunately for this piece, I only remember working with blend modes. One of the actions gave this shimmering effect to the tops of the tree branches.

I will be trying to repeat this so I hope that I will be able to return and let you in on the process; or maybe you know and could leave me a comment. I would be very grateful. There are only two layers, thte original photo and a layer of blue for the sky, which was a new layer and painted in using the paaint bucket tool). And then blended, so I should be aable to sus out what I did.

But just for now this is the edited image (see the previous post for the original):-

I have also been creating "miniworlds" using the filter, distort/polar cordinates. Saw this on a blog by a fellow Redgage user (lensbaby) and got caught up with the idea.

This was a photo of a group of trees on Cleeve Hill

And this was taken in Lanzarote, the white buildings are the hotel we stayed in

Find more examples on Redgage

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