Sunday, 13 January 2013

kaleidoscope images from paintshop

I have been playing with paintshop ( I am positive I will get to understand all those features in time) to create kaleidoscopic images from photographs.

Here are a couple I  think I can share:

The last is the real colour, the others are edited to give a spectrum of colours. The original was a photo of the red leaves on a pieris plant. I found a tutorial on the web somewhere but lost the URL. I think I am going to have to do a write up for myself before I forget how to do it - which is quite possible.

All the above and the next example are posted on Redgage, a site where you can pick up the odd dollar or two from sharing your content.

This last one was created from a photo of a skyline in the canaries, the name of the island escapes me for a moment but is immaterial. Because the center was empty, I copied the layer after I flattened the image and then reduced the copy to fill the center, simples!

Why not visit my profile on Redgage and see some more of my photographs. And many more besides.

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