Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The limitations of my camera

I was in a hide (i.e. a wooden building with a smallish window) at a garden centre / farm shop this week and found myself watching a procession of wild life partaking of the fruit and veg and stale loaves which were laid in front of the hide - specifically to attract them, of course.

I had my compact camera with me but the limitations have been made painfully obvious by the images captured. The wild life was at a distance from the window and I used an optical zoom to bring them closer. The resulting images are mostly blurred, I did not have a tripod but for some used the windowsill to steady the camera. This explains the difference in degree of blur. All the photos have been heavily cropped.

  A muntjak deer, never seen one of these at this feeding ground before


 deer and friend?


 blue tit


I will have to make sure that if expecting this sort of outing again, I have a tripod handy in my pocket.

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