Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Photos from a holiday in Torquay

As promised just a few more photos from the recent break in Torquay. An eclectic collection which I guess shows more about me than it does about Torquay and its environs. I take lots of photos when away from home, well digital is so cheap but many are family shots or simple scenic snapshots. These I think are a little different.

This building with steps on both sides giving it a strange shape was seen above the harbour in Brixham. Very dull day, I had to photoshop a new sky and brighten up the buildings. Very nearly erased the sign as well. Still an option if I use this image again anywhere else.

A sign outside the Camelot medieval restaurant in Torquay. Heavily photoshopped to isolate the sign from the building.

Oh there is a long story to this photo! It is of a slipway in Kingswear, across th estuary to Dartmouth. We took a ferry trip to DArtmouth on one day and I couldn't resist taking this photo to remind (if I needed it) me of a tricky situation we found ourselves in a couple of days earlier. We were visiting Coleton Fishacre, the country home of the D'Oyly Carte family (Gilbert and Sullivan) and took a wrong turning. Finding ourselves on a one way, sinlge track country lane we eventually found ourselves in Kingswear. We had missed another chance to turn off, and ended up at the ferry. Not wanting to use said ferry we carried on but the narrow streets got even narrower and took us to another slipway with virtually no room to manouver. A dead end. I had to drive onto the green slime covered slipway and reverse back up to do a three-point turn. If I had lost traction I could have ended up in the english channel. very scary. That blue vehicle you can see in the photo was there and made the turning very difficult. Eventually found the right road but what a time we had.

A pub sign in nearby Shaldon, close to The Ness beach with its so-called smugglers tunnel. Actually used for commercial purposes serving a lime kiln built into the rocky hillside. A tunnel was cut through the hills to bring goods (lime) from the beach. It was collapsed during the war and a new exit to the beach has been opened for social use as the kiln is long since silent.

A night-time shot from The Strand across Torquay harbour at high-tide. A very pleasant evening after a wonderful meal in a nearby Thai restaurant, The Thai Star.

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