Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Visit To Packington Hall

As I believe I may have mentioned, we are very fond of visiting gardens which open under the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) Open Gardens or yellow book scheme. these photographs were taken at such an open day at Packington Hall, a rare ocassion as the family like to keep the place primarily as their home.

The Hall stands in a 300 acre estate and the original building date back to 1693, substantially modernised in 1770 and restored after as erious fire in 1979.

The rest of the images are taken from mphotographs of the grounds and garden.

I loved this old tree, the gnarled appearance looked just like an old face, something like this could have been the forerunner of Treebeard of THE ENTS in The Hobbit - perhaps.

This old door just cried out to be photographed, it led to a part of the garden we couldn't visit unfortunately.

A pleasant little bridge across on end of the lake/rivet which forms a major part of the landscaping of the grounds. The weir formed a delightful little waterfall.

This was the lake, yes really. A leak had developed in the man-made lake and it had been emptied for repairs. Due to the heavy rain during that month it was starting to fill up again. Best laid plans, eh?

I had to include at least one flower shot. This lovely pink peony won. Actually we have one of these in our garden, one of my favourites.

No trick photography this time just a few unadulterated shots on a very interesting and enjoyable visit. Oh yes, the tea and cakes were lovely too.

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