Sunday, 28 October 2012

A busy day in the garden with Robin

Had a hard day in the garden this week, We were having a fence put in and I had to clear the rubbish from around the garden where the fence was going. Never realised that I had collected so much rubbish.

But this guy, Robin, we called him, stayed and kept us company for a whole day virtually, I was too busy but my wife fetched the camera and tried to take a few photos. He didn't seem shy until being lined up for a shot, and then would he keep still? She used the zoom (at x5 approx) and finally got one or two shots. Read about Robins on Wikipedia.

There he was gone, but look at that rubbish

a-ha, got him, almost

 turned his back on the camera

tried to hide

peeking out

finally got him, even if it is a little fuzzy

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