Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Enjoy Your Local Canal Waterway

A very sunny afternoon last week was enjoyed by taking my camera with me for a walk along our local canal towpath.

A Moorhen, usually very timid. Took this using the optical zoom feature.

Here the "cut" is quite low, with fields and small-holdiings on both sides.

A field allowed to become a "natural" meadow.

Dandelion "clock" aka a seedhead, taken with the macro feature.

Dandelion flower, taken with the macro feature. 

A garden deck built out over the steep bank, here the cut is very deep; at least 80-100 feet.

I mentioned last time about a new Fujifilm Coolpix camera, and it seems to have far more options and features than my Samsung compact, so I thought I needed a crash course. After reading the manual, I decided to make use of the sun and get a little practical class with my camera. I took a number of photographs whilst enjoying a "walk in the country". 

As usual, i found the walk to be so very relaxing and couldn't help thinking about how little used the canal is as a source of fun / leisure activities. When I arrived back home I decided to write a new Squidoo lens about the issue. You can read the resulting article, Enjoy You Local Canal Waterway on Squidoo, hope you get the chance and enjoy it. Lots more photos contained on the page.

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