Monday, 14 May 2012

Using The Camera's Timer For Self Portraits

Bought myself a couple of tee-shirts from my Zazzle store and decided to photograph myself wearing them. An opportunity to earn a little extra in a competition run by Zazzle. Also another chance to use the camera's timer. Something which I don't often think about. Once or twice on holiday I use it to take photos of my wife and I, just to prove we were there together.

On most modern cameras it is simplicity itself to use, and can be very useful to take shots you could not get without third party help. The only issue is composing the shot. When taking my wife and I, it is simple to arrange the camera to frame her and then after pressing the shutter I have the usual 10 seconds to join in the pose. However, taking my own picture as here, I needed several shots to get one which didn't cut off my head.

If you have never used this facility, you need to press the button which sets up the timer (with an expensive model you may need to set the time) and when the shot is ready press the exposure button. Then quickly put yourself into the shot. View the result and decide if it is what you wanted. If not then repeat - as many times as necessary!

The images shave been cropped here to show off the tee-shirts. The text on the images is what you can't see on the shirts below the respective images. Perhaps a little help with taking the shots and composing them would have been useful with these.

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