Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Arched Windows and Doorways

Architecture, especially arched windows and doorways is not something that I often consider as subjects for my photography. I have nothing against them or the subject of architecture itself but they don't seem to be high priorities for me. This raises the question of wether a photographer should have priorities but that is another story, and I will leave it for another day.

Anyway, on a recent trip I came across a building, quite a small house really, which had been built in the style of a medieval castle. It was on a quite road to nowhere and seemed quite an anachronistic find. Of course I had my camera with me and thought, "Why not?" The following few photos are the result.

It was quite difficult to get a decent angle to photograph the whole building and so after some contortions I grabbed this shot from the window of our hotel.

 Not well versed in architecture but a quick search showed this to be a Gothic style, some of the more extensive uses of this style can be seen in an article on Wikipedia.

The window here is a Box Bay style and can be seen in the first photo just to the right of the bottom of the telegraph pole. The Rustic (?) door seems to be in a tudor style. Don't you just love the door furniture?

Well who would have thought that taking a couple of photos could lead to so much learning, I can now differentiate between several architectural styles which I did not know before; cor luv-a-duc, you learn something everyday.

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