Sunday, 26 February 2012

Aerial photography from a model plane

Something different this time. My son has always been into planes, he achieved a licence to fly a glider solo at 16 and is now into radio controlled models. A new interest is using a small video camera to video the views from one of these models.

The camerais attached at the moment with sellotape and kept away from the fuselage with a chunk of polystyrene foam. Otherwise the field of vision is spoiled by the propeller. You can see the edge of it in some stills from the video.

These shots were taken in a park just across the road to our house.

Ready for take-off, sitting on the grass in the park

The nearby canal is lined with mature trees

The traffic at the entrance to the park is the sunday footballers

A new development not far away

The other side of the park, we are on the edge of the urbanisation

The sunday footballers and the childrens, play area in the park

I may well be posting more but not really sure, the plane is extremely light and the vibratons from the engine and the buffeting of the wind affect the focusing. But it certainly made a difference from the usual stuff.

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