Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Holly

My wife loves to include sprigs of holly around the house as part of our christmas decorations and luckily we have a holly tree in the garden. Well actually, it is in next doors garden but it is very close to the fence and its branches overhang to a degree. Enough to give us a few small twigs every year.
However the number of berries on each branch is sometimes a little hit and miss.

This year has been a tremendous year for the holly berry harvest, good for us and even better for the garden birds. Before we took too much off for the decorations I took a small series of photos to preserve the memory as it has been such a good year, probably the best I remember.

Here is a sample of the images:-

I also had a new laptop over christmas and in playing around with the new software, I have made one or two adjustments to some of the images, only very minor edits but fun nevertheless. An example is:-

cute little bells, or what?

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