Saturday, 3 September 2011

In the walled garden, Coughton Court

Missed posting these images of statues when I took them, a little while ago now. I was taking photos of statues and there were a couple of bronze ( I think?) examples in the walled garden at Coughton Court, Alcester, Warwickshire. So just to keep up a record of statues, I am photogrphing here they are: Unfortunately, I have no information about the statues and their history (if any)
I also saw this "window" in the hedges with a view of the main tower of the house, I rather liked the shot, although this is a heavily cropped images.
In fact I liked this so much that I started playing around with it in Photoplus, there are of course many software pakages which will do this, and this is my completed effort. In a few words, I selected the tower and copied it to another window whilst I toyed with adding BLUR ( zoom blur on my software) to the original. I then pasted the tower back over the top of the image. As I had extracted it from the image in the first place it left the blur effects showing on the greenery.
This is a modification that I have showed before. I tried to explain the process on my Squidoo page, Photomanipulation Of Digital Photographs Using layers . I actually used this previous image on one of my ZAzzle products: All good fun!!

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