Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Day At Stowe Landscape Gardens.

The gardens are owned by The National Trust although the house is still owned by the family. At the time that the gardens were first laid, the family was reputed to be wealthier than the king. It really shows in the follies and buildings in the gardens. You need a good day to really get around and see everything, there are some astonishing sights. Entering via the shop, the first thing you see as you wonder down the path is a Greek Temple and this sets the expectations up for the day. The people we talked to were not disappointed. Although I took my usual range of photos, I have included three of the major follies here, if that is the word for what are a lot more than what the word is usually used to describe. Here I show the Greek Temple, The Palladian Bridge and the Gothic Manor. All Astounding properties but the latter actually takes paying guests - one to thing about!

OK, a little food for thought. No clever photos this time ( if ever???) just a couple of great sights to see if you ever get to visit this wonderful place near Milton Keynes.

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