Saturday, 3 July 2010

around the garden

I love taking photos of the garden. The flowers, the sunsets, the plants and the spaces between them.

I also take photos of the constructions that I build with "scrap wood". This is a seat in a quiet corner almost walled-off by trees and shrubs

Note the flattened plants at the left-hand front corner. I had just trimmed the hedge when I took this shot and those clippings have to go somewhere.

The next is a place for sitting in the sun , quite near the house so handy for a quick bite / drink when too much housework is getting me down.

This next photo is a rose which was a christmas present. It is still waiting to be found a permanent home but seems to be OK despite still being in a pot. My garden is so full of shrubs that it is in dire need of an overall to find some space for a few flowers.
On the other hand this rambler has been growing in a sheltered spot for a long time. Originally a cutting from a plant I remember my father planting when I was a small boy, almost 55 years ago. Ithe cutting must be 25 years old but has never grown. Dying back every year to almost ground level. This year after a cold winter and a sunny spring it has given the best display ever. Dad would have liked it.

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