Monday, 19 July 2010

more garden photos

As I was saying in my last post I do tend to take a lot of photos of my garden, here are a few more. This time some of the "little areas that make my garden my own. I also include some of the flowers brightening up the place at the moment. Largely I love greenery, lots of shrubs and bushes and high hedges. I like to feel enclosed, is this a freudian thing? I don't even think of it.

A small bridge I built with timber left over from building the deck. There is a "dry river bed" under the bridge which I filled with slate chips, but the bamboo seems to have taken over one side and the lilac on the left.

There is that ramblin' rose again; it seems to have had a really good year with a number of flowering shoots. It's best year ever.

Another flower from my parents old garden. I do love these daisies ( Marguerette, I think). they are something else that just takes over if left to their own devices.

A collection of the flowers in my upper garden, wouldn't be complete without a photo of the day lilies. I only have the one colour but they have been spread around forming the better part of one whole border. Such a pity they last for such a short time.

This is the other route to the middle part of my garden, I call it the forest route, the first route being the bridge shown above. The slabbed path is lines with the trunk of a eucalyptus tree I had to cut down as it was beginning to get just a tad too high for my plot. The broken slab is the result of dropping one of the sections of the trunk whilst moving it into place. Forget the plastic sacks, I am remodelling a nearby border and they contain samll pebbles which had been laid over the earth and which need another home. No, I don't throw even stones away!

Thanks for looking, next time I will add a few shots of our culinary plants, Love that fresh picked taste.

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