Wednesday, 23 June 2010

what I've been doing

My internet friends will have read that I have been installing new kitchen cupboards. It has taken me a little time ( a fw weeks) and my other half has had to put up with boxes of kitchen equipment all over the house, but I have at last finished it - well apart from a few minor touches. Here are a couple of shots to show how it has come out.

I thought it would feel good to have a little free time at last .................... but my wife's only comment was, " and the next job is ...................!" Oh to be young and single and carefree. No I don't really mean that, do I?


  1. Well done, looks lovely, I bet your glad you have finished!

  2. Great Job! Want to do mine??

  3. Well done John...know exactly what it's like doing up a your wife is relieved to have the boxes cleared away. It amazed me how much stuff we took out of our cupboards and was even more puzzling that I struggled to fit it all back in the new ones...and we had gained more cupboards strange and indoicated it was time to get rid of the junk kitchen gadgets! Loving the wooden doors...something we considered but went for ivory shaker style to lighten up the room. It all looks fantastic and goes very well with the floor and wall tiles.