Friday, 18 June 2010

A flower and a church

I am just getting back to something like normal after being severely restricted by a painful arthritic knee, made worse by a trip which twisted said sad joint.

As a starter, thought I would post a couple of very recent photos; the first is of an amaryllis. This plant was bought for us as a christmas present some four years ago. It usually throws up a flower spike each each year with four flowers. It is a gorgeous red colour but sadly only lasts a short time. It does flower again each year but this time it was very early. Possibly due to the central heating as it has been a very cold winter. I don't know wether this was the cause but the two flower spikes came one after the other this year, each with two flowers. This shows the flowers in a window at the top of our stairs.

amaryllis at the top of our stairs

You can just see the second flower spike growing at the bottom of the photo.

A previous year's display showing four flowers.


The second shot is from Ludlow, a delightful little market town in the Welsh Marshes. We stopped there earlier this year, the weather wasn't great but bucked up in the afternoon. This shot did not depend on the sun as it is such a narrow alley running parallel to the High Street.

ludlow, pub sign

The pub, The Church Inn, is named after St Laurence's Church, the entrance to which is just to my right as I am taking the shot. You can see Castle Square thru the arch. The building on the left used to be the old market hall, nowadays markets are held regularly in Castle Square.

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  1. Loving your amaryllis John...I had one for a number of years and it flowered at all manner of times in the year and varied on the number of stems and flowers it never knew from year to year what you were going to get. I love the simple structure of these plants. You should do a painting of it!