Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A small shrine in the garden

despite being a committed catholic, my OH has started doing a Tai Chi course for relaxation. She has to say the least gone a little overboard, even to the extent of constructing a small shrine in the back garden. Last evening after a wonderfully sunny day, we sat and drank a small glass of a slightly chilled rose wine in ront of the shrine with candles lit as the darkness enveloped us.. Of course I couldn't resist getting the camera out. Not quite in focus but it was a very long exposure and I guess I didn't keep it as still as I imagined, despite using a support.

She has been buying all the gear; a silk suit, a wooden practice sword, videos and CD's. It isn't giving me very much to relax about. Here's a piccie, afraid you will have to supply your own wine, LOL

a small shrine

The good weather seems to have deserted us today, still warm but quite cloudy. Rain forecast for tomorrow, but that's our lot in the UK. The weather never stays the same for long.

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