Saturday, 23 June 2012

Orchids - A Natural For Photography

We have a small orchid growing on a windowsill at the top of our stairs. It gives a great display every year and gives me another excuse to get the camera out.

This year however, it has given me an extra reason. Can you see the undeveloped flower at the bottom in the centre. I have no idea if this sis common but I have certainly never seen it before.

There appear to be no reproductive organs on this flower. Take a look at a complete bloom:

Can you see the difference? Of course you can it is very obvious. I am trying to find out a little about this phenomenon and how often it is seen, I will post any answers I get on the blog if you are interested - or maybe you know the answer. If so, please let me know via the comments box.

The orchid makes a great subject for photgraphy. It is such a beautiful flower but being virtually all white the shadows take on an importance perhaps not often seen. Especially in the location of this plant - with a window directly behind it. I used to set the camera Samsung compact) to BACKLIT. But the new camera FUJI Finepix) does not have this feature or I haven't found it yet. What I need to do is to aim the camera and make certain that a dark object is in the centre of the viewer. Then depress the shutter button half-way. Re-focus the camera on the subject and ddepress the shutter fully. Quite a performance compared to the Samsung.

Still it appears to work but comparing photos which I had taken at family gatherings with the same shot by others using this method; I think the Samsung method gives a better picture overall. Maybe it is a question of getting used to it and selecting the right place to foccus on so that the camera can make the correct calculations.

Weekends away coming up so I should have lots of photos to post over the next couple of months.

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