Monday, 24 November 2014

An Inviting Window On Another World

Do you like Thai food?

It is one of my favourite foods, second only to a decently prepared Italian meal. But on a recent trip to Banbury, this restaurant was just opposite the hotel. Simply had to pay it a visit. Expensive but visible from out hotel window and beckoning. Could not resist! But why do Thai restaurants always seem to be more expensive than surrounding establishments?

First, a shot of the outside at night with the lights giving a sense of wonder:-

And yes those are elephants welcoming visitors. BTW, this was taken from the hotel room through the window glass. And then a more usual shot:-

Doesn't have the same welcoming aura, does it?

And the hotel? It was The Cromwell. A very characterful hotel and I would visit again but like many such establishments, they could learn a thing or two about service times in the restaurant from places like The Thai Orchid.

Our room was top left, here. The one with the open window. A superior room (?) mostly because of its character, it is full of beams - did you see the roof?

At six foot three inches, this was a real problem for me. However, I only banged my head once or twice - narrowly failing to finally concuss myself going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, LOL.

More travel photos soon ...

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