Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I Love Sunsets

One of my favourite subjects for photography or painting is the Sunset. Sunrise too is good but I don't often see the dawn breaking, after all I am retired now so no real need to fet up early, LOL

But this post is about sharing a few more sunsets from my backgarden, so without further ado lets see what I am talking about:-

The first two were taken from a first floor window to get above the hedge and trees which surround my garden; however the last was from outside on my lawn and includes the newly leaf-free lilac tree. This will be my next painting project.

A similar sky was included in a recent post on my painting blog

The colours are a little more vivid but that is generally what my painting is all about. Read about this painting.

See a recent post which was very similar to this one, a few photos and a painting

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