Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn in the UK, foliage and sunsets

Now here's a question! What is it that represents autumn to you. There are obviously many, many choices and there can be no wrong answers of course. I have to say that foliage on our deciduous trees is my first thought. And I would not hesitate to say that that probably would be suggested by many, many people. I just thought of  Police academy and thte principal, and edited this to add a few more many's. Simple things give pleasure to simple people.

Here are a couple of shots from my back door. A lilac tree with yellowing leaves and a massive cherry tree two gardens away.  White blossom in the spring, masses of red fruit for the birds and leaves like this in the morning sunshine on a November day.

However, there is one other thing which suggests autumn to me. Maybe a little strange because it could be said to happen right through the year but somehow autumn is different. The autumn sunsets seem to be the most spectacular in the UK. OK, you can argue; but remember there are no wrong answers and this is my personal choice. These were all taken over the last two or three weeks in late October / early November.

I have written a little more about these photographs on another site before putting them here so I am nnot going to repeat myself

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