Thursday, 24 October 2013

Holiday snaps; well, photos taken on holiday

The hotel that we stayed in had several amazing and unique features which of course I captured on film (in a manner of speaking). I thought a couple of these would be interesting to share:-

This colourful scene was captured in the reception area. It is a very large, very high part of the building with a colourful dome in the roof. The dome is made of glass of different colours and at a certain time of day this amazing star within the glass could be seen traversing the floor and anything in its path.

The hotels corridors were designed to seem to be a road. These windows are actually along one of these corridors. Difficult to see from the photo (poor compostion!!) but the left hand windows are a few feet in front of those on the right. The lamp is fixed on a wall at right angles to the woodwork. There is of course another window and balcony overlooking the pool with a sea view from most rooms.

Another part of the hotel, which we called "the jungle" trees with a height equivalent to three stories, rivers and walkways - an incredible area. This statue is one of several in the jungle.

A small pool withing the jungles recirculating water system, complete with a small fountain. The system is fed from a massive array of jets underneath a bridge joining the reception and shopping areas to the restaurant areas, must be seen to be believed.

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