Saturday, 9 March 2013

Images of Cleeve HIll

Spent a couple of beautiful days (for early March) at Cleeve Hill, at one of our favourite hotels. The weather was too good to miss an opportunity for a little photography even though we have many images of the area.
It was very sunny with a heavy haze shrouding the distance. Cleeve Hill is the highest point in the Cotswold hills and offers a view of 90 miles on a clear day. This weekend the view was very much curtailed by the haze but nevertheless, the camera was used frequently.

Wonderful place to live, at least in the summer.

 The Hill, just behind the hotel, is a favourite for a very rich source of subjects. A wide variety of natural beauty and architecture, many images from here litter this blog. For example, architecture and scenery at nearby Winchcombe. Although looking back for a couple of links, there really aren't as many as I thought. Mmmm, something to put right!

Higher up the hill, limestone craggs.

Because it was so early in the year, sunset came early and almost surprised me, I took the first of these shots from our hotel room - throught the window - and the second as the light faded and lights came on in Bishops Cleeve below the Hill.

Bishops Cleeve at twilight, the line at right is the M5 motorway

The haze is still apparent in these photographs, but I think it adds to the charm, don't you.

One photograph on the Hill, which I later played with in Photoshop, was an image of a stand of trees. I was playing with all sorts of effects and this one, INVERSE, struck me as very interesting. An air of mystery pervades the image.

Finally for today, I have an image taken of Hailes Abbey, which is just down the road near Winchcombe. Unfortunately closed for another two weeks or so but I managed to take a few photos over a fence at the rear. A very interesting ruin, built in the thirteenth century, currently owned bby the National Trust.

I really must add more images of Cleeve Hill, I can't understand why our favourite weekend spot has not been better represented in this photo journal. Back with more soon.

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  1. Lovely photos John. how about some poems to go with them?