Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn At Baddesly Clinton

Baddesly Clinton is a picturesque medieval moated manor house and garden owned by the National Trust in the West Midlands, UK. (see the National Trust on Faceboook).

My wife and I payed the place a visit last week , of course I took the camera along to take a few autumn photos. These are a few of the shots I took.

I think it's a field mushroom, but I wouldn't take bets ............

Leaves on the water of the moat, oh and the duck waddled into shot before I realised.

Leaves waiting to fall from an oak tree, took this from underneath although it looks as if it is on the ground.

A shot from the road into the nearby trees / hedge. Hoping to paint this one - have you seen my blog, painting with John.

And finally for now, I noticed this window for the first time (been to Baddesly mant times in the past). It was lit from inside and hda never seen it like that before. It is a window on one of the out buildings and never really looked at it closely. Looks good though.

Nothing special, but just a small selection form some of the photographs taken on a very cold November day.

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