Saturday, 8 September 2012

Photographs From My Garden

Over the years I have taken so many photographs of my garden, That I decided to bring some of them together and create a virtual tour which I could post to the internet.

Sorting them out was a difficult task, should I pick my favourites (possibly) or those I felt may interest other people. Should I include lots of images or be selective. I would not want to bore the pants off people. In the end, I picked a few to show the overall structure of the garden and one or two of the individual flowers and plants.

If you would like to see more  then pop on across to my Squidoo Lens, Welcome To My Garden. This was awarded a purple star from Squidoo HQ, the sites top award for its lenses (web pages), an outcome I found very pleasing.

This gave me the courage to follow it up with another lens of photographs taken in my garden. This time I included photos of ten of my favourite red flowering plants and shrubs. Again I was awarded with a purple star. Both lenses were also featured on the home page when first published. If you would like to check out the ssecond lens you can find it at, Ten Favourite Red Flowers For Your Garden.

Please do try to find time to visit my garden, always great to show people around on this virtual tour.

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