Friday, 17 August 2012

Removing unwanted artefacts in a photo, using Photoshop

Ever taken a photograph and decide it was a real winner; before noticing that small object which you hadn't seen in the camea's screen (we'er talking digital obviously) before pressing the button. I know I have many with which I wanted to illustrate articles, etc.

What is wrong with these:-

Answer:- The people just coming into view through the entry

Answer:- The visa card advert.

Answer:- The power lines running across the tower.

Answer:- The small lamp in the lower left corner.

Answer:- The wheelbarrow, how could I have missed it?
There were even gardeners working there at the time.

Most of these issues I solved using the CLONE STAMP TOOL in Photoshop. A very useful editing tool if used carefully. I have recently written a tutorial on Squidoo, which shows how I used this to clean up the examples shown above. You can find it at:-

You can also see the results of the editing process, a set of much better and more appropriate photographs which I can feel proud of. The only one that I didn't edit by this method was the first. There was no background to speak of that I could have cloned to remove the figures. In that case I selected the open at the end of the entry and deletd it. I then added a second layer beneath the original photograph and adjusted its position to give a pleasing result. I had to carefully select a suitable street shot and re-size it to look natural in the edited photograph. But no problems really. I will include a link to this edit, asap.

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