Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Garden in Flower

One of the things I love doing is to photograph the flowers in my garden. Not so much because I love flowers, although they do make gardening worthwhile, but because of the memories of happy and peaceful sunny (?) days at home that they represent to me. So here are a few photographs taken ths year between April and June.
 Pieris ( flame bush)
 Japanese Maple
Digitalis (Foxglove)

Is there any more to say? Some of the images above are obviously not flowers but leaves, however I love colour however it arrives. I nearly didn't include the last shot, the foxglove, because it is in very poor focus but I do love these flowers. Such stately blooms and this year for some reason I have had one white flowering plant instead of the purple which I usually get. I have never planted any of these but they obviously self-seed and I always leave one or two to come to fruition for the display and to make sure that I get more the following year.

In fact, I am forever pulling up seedlings of trees and shrubs which have presumably been deposited by the birds which we have in profusion in the garden. We are not far from the countryside, being on the edge of a very rural setting and see lots of animals as well as the birds birds. Bats, moles, foxes, frogs are all to be seen in our garden. I keep a small pool which has become home to the frogs and have a pile of grass and leaves behind one shrubbery which I think was built by hedgehogs, although we havae not seen them this year yet. Our garden has lots of flowers but it could well be called a wild garden. Perhaps a few shots would clarify this description, maybe the next post?

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