Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fire and Ice

Gosh, it seems so long since my last post here. I mentioned an arthritic knee in a recent post, I have finally had the operation. A complete knee replacement. I have not been up to using the PC recently; after coming out of hospital I was too poorly ( aaahhh!) and then whilst I couldn't bend the knee properly I was unable to sit at my computer desk for any length of time as I had to sit sideways and rotate from th waist to use the keyboard. Still, well on the road to recovery now and raring to get back to my old habits.

I have picked a couple of fairly photos to illustrate this, my first post of 2011. I called the post "Fire and Ice" and it will soon become apparent why.

The first photo is of a brazier and a roaring fire from an evening back in July. A bit of a barbecue and get together. I just snapped the fire to see how it would come out. I think I like the resulting image although I am sure that with a proper camera it could have been a much better photograph. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but the camera I use is a Samsung Digimax A503. I make no apologies as it does everything that I want it to. I usually use it on automatic even though like most digital cameras it has many user controlled modes and settings.

The second photo is of icicles which formed on our guttering during the very recent cold weather spell, in which we saw some of the worst snow in the UK since 1963. There was a thick covering of snow on the roof, and during the day as and when the temperature rose above zero, the slight thawing gave rise to some spectacular formations.

And from the front of the house

My son broke off one of these icicles from outside his bedroom window to show his gran. She could hardly believe it and at 99 years and several months she hardly had the strength to hold it upright. It was cold for her though, even though we wrapped some tissue around it, so I had to take the shot very quickly.

Well having broken the ice - so to speak - I am hoping that I will be posting regularly again from now on. More of my photographs for fun soon then.

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